Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Workwear with Mikarose

I think it's so interesting how style and preferences changes throughout someone's life. It's like going through chapters in a book. It grows with you as you mature. It takes you through different adventures. I remember when I started this fashion venture a few years ago, I was all about trying pattern and color mixing with whatever was in my closet. Then I went through an obsessive skirt phase, followed by a coat phase...then patterned tights. Although it was fun experimenting with all this, I looked at my closet a few months ago and realized all I did was collect clutter. My friend, Rachel and I encouraged each other to try something called a "Capsule Closet" as an effort to declutter our lives.  3/4 of my closet was donated/sold and I only kept the essentials. At the end, I prefer simplicity, elegance and modesty. This is one of my favorite dresses from Mikarose- a boutique dedicated towards reinventing modesty for women. I wouldn't mind if I completely turned over my closet with Mikarose clothing! :)

Dress: C/o Mikarose
Sandals: Old (J.C Penny I think)
Earrings: Chloe and Isabel 

Grace and Grandpa making Chinese stickybuns

Friday, July 3, 2015

Pink Flamingo

Happy Summer, and happy (almost) Independence Day!
Hope you all have been well! It has been such a beautiful summer this year in Minnesota so far, minus a few rainstorms here and there. Today Aaron and I decided to venture out to this beautiful piece of land where we had initially thought about building a house. Those plans are temporarily put on hold, but it sure makes a nice backdrop for some pictures :) 

I can't tell you how much I love skirts, especially ones with unique patterns and textures. I wear dress skirts almost everyday to work, but I haven't had too much success with finding casual skirts until I was introduced to this one designed by Laurel Sherbert. Comfortable, casual with a stretchy waist band. And check it out... it's REVERSIBLE. 2 in 1. How cool is that?? I have never seen such a unique skirt design. Totally in love with it! 

Then BOOM, flip it inside out, and you get this pattern...

This whole look reminds me of a tropical flamingo. Flamingos... I've been seeing them all over the fashion community lately. Along with pineapples... must be the fashion theme of summer 2015 :)

Top: Philosophy
Bag: Chloe 
Earrings and Bracelet: Chloe and Isabel
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
Scarf: Sole Society

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May flowers

Where did the time go? My last post was taken in snow. Spring is now in full bloom and this is my absolute favorite time of the year. We have an apple blossom tree in our backyard that only blooms for a week at a time before all the flowers are blown away. Luckily with these lovely Hayband floral headbands, we are able to experience a piece of spring all year round :) Little miss Grace, who is now 3 1/2 (and totally talking a lot more now) usually hates things on her head, but we had a hard time taking this head piece off! She ran around with it all day. When I asked her if she feels cool... she says.. "Yep!"

Outfit details:
Grace: Top from Baby Gap  |   Haybands head piece 
Me: Top from (old)   |   Floral headband: Thanks to Haybands 

Of course we can't forget this little guy- who is now 10 months!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Outfits from Jollychic

Okay you guys, I have to share this fashion website with all of you (this is totally not a sponsored post) because I have had such a fun experience with it over the past few months. I discovered JollyChic sometime in December and they give you an opportunity every week to win free clothes. I applied for it a few times.... and wow, I won something! Heck, I usually never win anything. Initially a sweater, but then they also started giving away free entire OUTFITS (sweaters + jackets + purses + shoes). So what does a girl who loves free stuff do.... I just kept applying, and I kept winning! There was also a cash prize competition they were giving away during Christmas, and I also won $70 from that woohoo! The packages arrived pretty quickly (within a few weeks) and I was surprised at how decent the quality of the items were. I've had some awful experiences in the past ordering from other asian websites so imagine my surprise when the clothes didn't fall apart immediately after opening them from the package. I assumed the sizes ran smaller, so I was ordering medium and larges since I haven't lost all the baby weight yet. However, the sizes are actually pretty true to size. So anyway, now I've just been doing all my fashion scoping through Jollychic free trial center :) Will definitely share some of the other items I've been fortunate enough to try!

Scarf: Asos

Floral embroidery sweater: Here at Jollychic

Chinese New Year/Valentines dress: Here at Jollychic

Holiday Sweater: Here at JollyChic

Purse: Here at Jollychic

Try it! I hope you guys all win something, or at least have fun exploring this neat new fashion site :)

PS I've been more active on instagram lately, hope to follow you there too!